About TotalAnalysis

The Founders of TotalAnalysis believe that the use and application of global, country and regional data should be playing a much greater role in policy and decision-making across governments and national authorities.

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrates that there is much to learn from the experiences of countries, regions and cities. Despite the efforts of the World Health Organisation and other multilateral bodies, there has been little cross-border collaboration in the face of both national and regional interests.

TotalAnalysis looks at data through the lens of country and province, helping us to analyse the impact of testing, social distancing, restrictions, quarantines and lockdowns (in all their forms), as well as the re-opening of economies.

TotalAnalysis was launched in April 2020 and is entirely independent of any government, institution or pressure group. It reflects the work of a small but hard-working team who believe in greater data transparency and collaboration. What you see now is our first version, and it is free for all to use, including the data, indices, graphs, charts and daily alerts.

If you find TotalAnalysis useful, please help us by spreading the word. In the coming months, we will continue to bring you deeper and richer data with broader context.

Thank you for your interest and for engaging with us. Please register with us if you wish to be kept up-to-date on the pandemic. And share your feedback with us on Feedback

About Us

TotalAnalysis is based in London and has been created, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, by co-Founders Mike Laflin and Richard Londesborough, both information entrepreneurs with a combined 60 years experience in the field of global information, data and analysis. Coincidentally, both founders graduated in Economics at Exeter University in the same year, 1981. It took another 30 years before they were to meet again in 2011 when both were Founder CEOs of their own information companies, Sportcal Global Communications and Business Monitor International (see below)

Mike Laflin, Co-Founder and Director

Mike is one of the leading authorities in the global sports industry, having worked in sport for over 30 years.

After graduating from Exeter University in 1981, he trained as a computer programmer, developing trading systems for Marc Rich, now Glencore. In 1989 he established his own technology consultancy business developing media information and ranking systems for international sports federations, before forming Sportcal in 1991.

Through Sportcal he developed the leading provider of sports market intelligence, data and daily news information, providing services in media, sponsorship and event hosting. He launched the Global Sports Impact project in 2011 to understand and measure the holistic impact that sport has on both the local and global economy, and established the Global Sports Cities and Nations Indexes.

Richard Londesborough, Co-Founder

Richard was a foreign correspondent in both Iran and Mexico, before returning to London in 1984 with Jonathan Feroze to co-found Business Monitor International (BMI), a kitchen table start-up that they grew organically from two staff to over 300 employees spanning five continents.

BMI was a leading B2B research company, analysing and forecasting political, economic and industry developments across global markets. The company, which won the Queen's Award for Exports in 1997, partnered with Spectrum Equity in Boston in 2009 and was acquired in 2014 by Fitch, the credit rating agency, and rebranded BMI Research.

In 2015, Richard set up Sevenex Capital Partners, where he remains a Director, and provides advice to early stage companies across a wide range of verticals, including media, health, education and online platforms.