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TA – Improving data on the global pandemic

The pandemic is a global problem which needs global solutions. There is an urgent need for better health information systems that provide reliable and accurate data that show the true picture of what is happening with Covid-19, and other viruses, around the world. If better global health information systems had been in place at the start of 2020 millions of lives could have been saved as well as billions, if not trillions, of economic dollars.

Some countries have invested heavily in improving their health information systems, others have not. There are many countries where data is poorly managed, even amongst some of the major economies. Some of the best examples of good health data management are coming from a number of smaller countries like Belgium, Norway, Chile and Denmark.

There is a huge lack of global standards in the area of health which urgently need to be addressed and resolved. Improved data standards and information systems will enable global travel to re-start as countries become more confident in opening up their borders and travellers feel safe to travel again.

TotalAnalysis (TA) has invested significantly in gathering and measuring data on the pandemic since it first started in December 2019. It has developed a range of information services providing an extensive set of continental, national and regional data for almost every major country. In addition, it has developed the Covid Data Transparency Index to showcase which countries are managing their health data well and which are not.

Over 25,000 visitors to the TA website have found the information of great benefit and many have used TA’s unique regional covid data to plan their holidays in 2020. We hope that many more can do so in 2021.

TA strongly believes in the need to openly share knowledge and information on the pandemic, thus providing a vital service to the global community.

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Mike Laflin